Paolo Aliatis

I am a serial entrepreneur who had my outlandish, undesired claim to fame in 2018.

I had rapidly become one of the biggest flatshare operators in London, boasting over 1000 tenants within an 8 figure prop-tech operation. This sadly (or fortunately, depending on how one may look at it) became the target of a couple of leftist institutions which led to us leaving anonymity and ending up in national headlines. I never wanted fame but here I am. Here you will find my story, giving any readers wishing to do business with me an insight into what really happened.

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After 15 years of business ventures in different industries across different countries, I finally stumbled upon a money-making machine. Flatshares.

Once we developed the capacity to double, even triple, returns on buy-to-let properties, I rocketed from a broke, wannabe businessman to an international entrepreneur. After 15 years of hard work, I found myself running offices across 2 continents and 4 countries, a 30 person strong workforce and an operation turning over a 7 figure annual profit.

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During the last few years, Gian Paolo Aliatis has partnered with landlords in 4 different countries while turning around portfolios from one-digit to double-digit returns, with minimal investments.

Gian Paolo Aliatis knows how to build and run a shared-accommodation portfolio, develop the capacity to analyse property portfolios, handpick suitable properties and help partners to set up operational teams including lettings, management, collections and maintenance/cleaning operation. All until they are capable of running self-sufficiently.

In 2015, Gian Paolo Aliatis partnered with a software development company and developed a tailor-made flatshare management software. This has become a unique tool to manage big flatshare portfolios in an efficient way and with a reduced team. In 2018, the partnership launched a customer service app that allows portfolio managers to interact with all clients in an efficient and modern way.

After working first-hand with landlords from all backgrounds, with a range of portfolios, Gian Paolo Aliatis partners with landlords and investors to create efficient and profitable flatshare operations. If you are a serious landlord with an underperforming portfolio, who would like to capitalise and exponentially increase your profits, get in touch today.

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