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Gian Paolo Aliatis is a self-made entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of multiple companies, based both in the UK and abroad. His companies specialise in buyouts, venture capital, turnarounds, and real estate investments, with a focus on co-living and prop-tech.

Gian Paolo knew from a young age that he didn’t want to settle for working for someone else and that he needed to have his own business and make his own way. The key to success, he knew, was audacity. He left his country with strong self-belief and a desire to be successful in business, whilst simultaneously enjoying the best life has to offer.

His first destination was Barcelona Spain, and with no funding whatsoever- except a bank loan of €12.000- he founded a pharmaceutical distribution company that imported and distributed over the counter products from the US and adapted them to European markets.

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During the last few years, Gian Paolo Aliatis has partnered with landlords in 4 different countries while turning around portfolios from one-digit to double-digit returns, with minimal investments.

Gian Paolo Aliatis knows how to build and run a shared-accommodation portfolio, develop the capacity to analyse property portfolios, handpick suitable properties and help partners to set up operational teams including lettings, management, collections and maintenance/cleaning operation. All until they are capable of running self-sufficiently.

In 2015, Gian Paolo Aliatis partnered with a software development company and developed a tailor-made flatshare management software. This has become a unique tool to manage big flatshare portfolios in an efficient way and with a reduced team. In 2018, the partnership launched a customer service app that allows portfolio managers to interact with all clients in an efficient and modern way.

After working first-hand with landlords from all backgrounds, with a range of portfolios, Gian Paolo Aliatis partners with landlords and investors to create efficient and profitable flatshare operations. If you are a serious landlord with an underperforming portfolio, who would like to capitalise and exponentially increase your profits, get in touch today.

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