Gian Paolo Aliatis is a self-made entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of multiple companies, based both in the UK and abroad. His companies specialise in buyouts, venture capital, turnarounds, and real estate investments, with a focus on co-living and prop-tech.

Gian Paolo knew from a young age that he didn’t want to settle for working for someone else and that he needed to have his own business and make his own way. The key to success, he knew, was audacity. He left his country with strong self-belief and a desire to be successful in business, whilst simultaneously enjoying the best life has to offer.

His first destination was Barcelona Spain, and with no funding whatsoever- except a bank loan of €12.000- he founded a pharmaceutical distribution company that imported and distributed over the counter products from the US and adapted them to European markets.

As he opened more markets, he found he loved the adrenaline of competing in new markets and that business was truly his passion. After three years in the market and distribution in 6 different countries he’d found the success he’d always worked for. When the 2008 financial crash occurred, it badly hurt his distribution business whilst raising new opportunities in the property industry. He found that flatshares, a type of accommodation he got to know inside-out during his first years in Barcelona, had increased in popularity, were cash-flow positive and required little investment whilst bringing stable profits.

He steadily began shifting his focus from the import and distribution business to growing a portfolio of flat shares numbering in the hundreds in multiple countries.

More recently, he redirected his efforts in day-to-day property investments into prop-tech projects and joint ventures with corporate landlords, doubling returns in property portfolios. Currently, Gian Paolo Aliatis partners with property developers in Co-living projects and is a co-founder in medical start-ups and other venture capital investments.