Reputation Part 1

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.’ We all have a reputation to hold on to whether it is in business, in our neighbourhood, in our home or just for ourselves. As Paolo Aliatis, the businessman, I learned that reputation is something you build over the course of your life, it takes time, effort and a lot of proving yourself to others that you are worthy of the reputation you have.  


It is important and necessary to have a good reputation, for example, officials know the significance of their organisations' reputations. The most reputable companies always draw in well-established individuals including both clients and employees. They are seen to have added value, which regularly allows them to charge more. Their clients are faithful and purchase more extensively. In addition, in an economy where brand value, intellectual capital and social responsibility are very important but intangible and hard to assess, companies are defenceless against anything that harms their reputation.


Reputation consists of a lot of things; it is not just one thing you say or do. Consistency, self-esteem, trustworthiness, respect, reliability, influence, character, honour are all things that build a reputation and you need to have all of those things. Let’s say that you have a certain extent of fame, self-esteem and power but you don’t have respect from your community, then your whole reputation goes down the drain because what is the point of being famous and confident if the people you want to influence don’t have respect for you? Or let’s say you have respect from your community, you have power, honour and influence but you cannot be trusted. You make one mistake where you fail the trust the people had in you and then, all of the hard work that you’ve put to build your reputation was for nothing. One mistake is all that takes to ruin a reputation no matter who it is.


In today’s digital world, reputation is more important than ever before. In a click of a button one can search the name Gian Paolo Aliatis, and all the things that have been said and done will appear in an instant. What you put on the internet will stay on the internet no matter if you like it or not. For those reasons, it is difficult to build and sustain a good reputation. It takes a lot of work, strategy and planning. But it is very easy to damage and neglect a reputation and in today’s era where you can find out anything in seconds, things come out easily, they circle the world in minutes and the next thing you know, any misstep will be part of your digital footprint forever.  

But, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reputation building and management is not easy and while there are a lot of things you can do on your own to build and maintain a reputation but the help from an expert can do wonders.