The Legal Battle Part 2

Weeks after, the Council started a case against us again in a tribunal, for not being members of the PRS. This was nonsensical as we are in fact a member of the PRS and we already provided them with the details later that year. But the Council claimed that it was not Lifestyle Club Limited that was the member of the PRS, but Lifestyle Club LSC Ltd was the member of the PRS and for that reason, we were in breach and they fined us £5000. Finally, the day came when the Council started a formal prosecution against Lifestyle Club and me personally (Gian Paolo Aliatis). None of my associates who were actual directors and or managers of the company were named.

Months passed and the competent prosecutors of the Council kept adding nonsense evidence. It was very clear that they were going to lose the case, again. To my surprise, I received another prosecution by the Council and this time it was about a parking ticket. The reason was because a permit was used for dual purpose. They claimed that it was criminal activity and I committed fraud. So, using the same daily parking permits for both of my vehicles was a good enough reason for the Council to come after me with yet another prosecution. I knew they were just desperately looking for something that would scare me. I knew and understood what they were trying to achieve.

The day of the trial came and would you look at that, I got acquitted. Why? They did not have any real evidence that I broke the law. They had also lost the main piece of evidence, the parking ticket. Therefore, the case was closed. Yet, all I can think of is all the taxpayer’s money spent chasing me and yet I am innocent, ‘like a virgin.’ 

During this time the Council was not sure of what to prosecute me for on the Lifestyle Club case, they added and changed charges like the weather. One day my solicitors decided that they were going to make a dismissal application. For those of you who do not know what a dismissal application is, it is essentially an application for the court that says that the case is nonsense and that they should not hold trials in criminal courts. Finally, the hearing for the dismissal application was coming up. One day before the hearing, the Council’s prosecution decided to reformulate the charges completely. This brought the dismissal application to an end because it was tied to the original charges. 

The day the dismissal application came the judge decided that this was a waste of court time. The case made absolutely no sense and advised us to stop spending taxpayer money and to settle on something. Basically, I had to plead guilty for two charges that would not be made a criminal record, therefore, we agreed that if I plead guilty in the lesser charges, they were going to drop the bigger, more serious charges. The case was going to be closed right then and there, forever. 

As a businessman, I know how to manage my time and I did not have any desire to take a chance and spend 6-months of my life dealing with the Council any longer. It seemed that everyone was happy, the Council got their costs for all of this covered. They burned taxpayer money in all the cases they lost and I, Paolo Aliatis, got fined £6000. Case closed.