The Master Degree of Bullshit Part 1

With almost two decades of experience it is safe to say I, Gian Paolo Aliatis, have seen it all. I have managed to learn a lot about all aspects of running a business in terms of employment, recruitment and training. I have successfully created a workforce in different countries, under different circumstances, and in different languages.

Let us take it back to the beginning of my career, a young (clueless) graduate with high hopes. My university years were very fun and I did learn many lessons, but I assume that whatever I have learned in those four years during my bachelor’s degree and one more year for the MBA. Arguably, I could have learned all that I learnt in 4 years in one year. Therefore, I recommend that anyone who wants to go to university for fun to just go for it, and anyone that wants to learn something just focus one year of your life after school to learn about the profession that you want to be later in life.

The title of this article is self-explanatory. I have met many people with a master’s degree that learnt almost nothing. In my experience, these people were lost in life and did not know where to begin. They could not even follow basic instructions, did not understand the most basic concepts of their profession. What is funny to me is that those kinds of people are now considered masters in their respective fields. It is crazy how our society provides master’s degrees to so many people. These people are not necessarily at fault because universities should not be giving away master’s degrees to people that literally have no idea of what they are doing. You will not even believe how many people get their degrees by begging the professors, making deals or students paying for their degrees. Other people go by just by being naturally charming and witty. Those qualities are nice but will not get every job done. 

The professors are also questionable. If the professors are only expertise in theory and not the practical business world, then how can they expect to teach the students to have an idea of how the business world is? It is understandable that not every single student will have an exact idea of what they want to do in their career, but that is one of the main reasons a professor is there to mentor. They should teach them and guide them through the end and prepare them for the real business world. In my experience, they do not do this. I, Paolo Aliatis, remember some of my professors in the university, I swear they had no idea what they were talking about and just came in, did the lecture and would leave with zero care for their students. 

Not every professor is good at what they do and I do not think they even realise the impact they have on their students in terms of the way they think and their mind-set towards shaping their future. That is a big decision in itself that students are making and having someone guide them through helps a lot.