The Master Degree of Bullshit Part 2

It still never fails to amaze me how kids with master’s degrees do not even know how to fry an egg. They take pride in the fact that they got their degree, which is a good achievement, but fail miserably when they try to put in the work. On the other side, though, I, Gian Paolo Aliatis, have seen former dishwashers flip the switch and turn into the money makers in big organisations and jump so much further away from their master’s degree and even worse, from their good CV. 

Getting a master’s degree is not a guarantee that you will have an amazing job and that you will make a lot of money because not everyone that has a master’s degree deserves it and has all the qualities needed to succeed. But also, not going through university does not mean that you are going to be poor and fail in life. Those people may not be very book smart, but they are street smart and that can get you just as far as being book smart. 

I am exasperated with hiring people with amazing CVs but again, they cannot even fry an egg. I understand that in corporate structures the recruitment team and the HR department need to be able to cover their back and explain why they decided on a specific candidate, it seems that the game of the employment ladder is that you climb it by having a good name on your CV. Once an internationally recognised company hires you, all the recruiters in other companies will decide that you are worth their time and they will hire you regardless of your performance. It is inconceivable that companies behave this way. Why would you want someone that has 5+ years in your company but cannot follow basic instructions, cannot communicate properly with co-workers and clients? You cannot lean on these people and you can never be sure that they will get the job done. It is a complete waste of time and money. You can try to get back the lost money, but never the lost time. Thus, my philosophy for my organisation has always been to focus on looking at someone’s mind-set, determination and drive. The perfect candidate has to embody the following attributes: common sense, intelligence, passion and ambition. Regardless of the level of education or background; we are looking for people who can get things done. We firmly focus on people who forget excuses and invest their energy into providing solutions.

Finally, there have been sixteen-year-old kids that are performing better, faster with much more problem-solving capabilities than directors of companies with 15+ years of experience and huge CVs. I know this because I, Paolo Aliatis, have seen it myself. Age does not mean anything and education and experience mean very little. The only way to know if someone is capable is to put them into a working environment, throw them into the water and see if they will learn to swim.