The Power of The Media Part 2

Nowadays the approach from the media is very forceful and arguably very aggressive. This generation is forced to follow someone's ideas, concepts and beliefs. If they are not following these then they are bad people, they are not useful to society and they are failures. This is contrary to what is actually important, such as individualism. I, Gian Paolo Aliatis realized that It fails to teach them about heroism, standing up for themselves and not being a coward. They will soon come to believe that being a victim and a coward makes them a lot better. They will make them believe that there is no use to speak up and stand up for themselves because there will always be someone above them. They will be told that what they are doing is wrong and that there is no use. In my opinion, this is dangerous especially in the critical early years of a child's life, when they are like sponges absorbing their environment. 

The easiest way to control a person is through fear. For years, we have seen and heard all the awful things that happen in the world through the media, for instance; wars, pandemics, terrorism and biological weapons. For the average person, all those things are of course very frightening. We have been force-fed all this information for our entire lives for generations. When was the last time you heard something good, exciting or happy on the news? Exactly, never. What use would these powerhouses have if they tell us that good things happen in the world and that people are happy? That is not how you take control of people's minds or how you sell newspapers. The best and easiest way is through fear. Thus, they ensure to share and distribute the most horrible, hurtful and frightening information that they can find, even if it must be falsified. 

With the advances made in technology things have gotten a lot worse. More technological development has happened in the last 30-years than ever before since the Industrial Revolution. It is definitely not slowing down any time soon. We now have biological weapons, killer robots and artificial intelligence specifically made for wars and taking control of the world. The worst part is that they have made all these advancements, however, they have failed to figure out solutions for the likely event that some of these things were to go horribly wrong. Seeing all of this creates so much fear and confusion and that is exactly what the big powerhouses want. We wonder why so many people seem to be impacted by mental health issues now more than ever before. 

To the people in power, keeping a scared population is absolutely what they need to achieve whatever it is that they desire. They want the population to feel the social rejection from others, and to feel like there is no use to stand their ground. The media conglomerates belong to even bigger conglomerates. They want to capture and control the mind of the people and make them think that the things they are seeing, hearing and watching are their own original thoughts. I, Paolo Aliatis, object to being manipulated. The only thing that can go against this is if people used their common sense, but it seems that common sense is not at all that common.