Unwanted Attention Part 1

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. In my experience, attention is complicated and the desire to obtain it can be problematic. From our early years as babies we demand so much attention from our parents purely for survival. This need for attention keeps following us during our life. Like a lot of things in life, the amount of attention we give and receive needs to be balanced. 

If you have no attention whatsoever you will have many insecurities and no power whatsoever, you cannot communicate your ideas, thoughts or needs. Alternatively, if you have too much attention on you, you lose a lot of your privacy, therefore, having the right amount of attention is crucial.

In my earlier years as a teenage Paolo Aliatis, having attention meant being popular and being popular meant having a lot of friends. I have found out that certain kinds of attention are not necessarily good. If you have attention from the wrong person in general, then you have a problem. On the other side if you have attention from the right person, for example from the right girl, then you get a girlfriend. If you have attention from the right crew, then you get some good friends. Thus, the battle for attention is very real and you need to manoeuvre through it correctly. It does not come by itself, we bring that onto ourselves.  

In my high school years, I remember having the attention of the principal and my peers. This made me realise that I have some influence. The principal started acting through me to make my classmates behave, he even gave me a private bathroom to use. No one in the school could claim that they had their own private bathroom. There was another form of attention that gave me a leg up above the others. Since I was going home from school early to use the bathroom and after I grabbed their attention and they gave me my own bathroom, I was able to negotiate with the principal to give us a lock for one of the forty toilets they had in the school and that toilet would be for me and my class only. So, as you can see, attention has its benefits and it can be very profitable. But don’t get it twisted, it can hurt you in many ways.  

In business, I remember the times when I used to import and distribute roses in Spain. One of the things that killed my business was the fact that I bought a convertible car. This is one of the first lessons I learn in business. For this mistake, the public persona of Gian Paolo Aliatis grabbed more attention than needed to have. It made the customers think that I was taking too much of their money for myself. From that day, I lost a lot of clients simply because of that damn car that caught too much attention. That was one of the first lessons I learned in regards to how much I wanted to show off and how much unwanted attention that would bring me.