Unwanted Attention Part 2

Years down the line, that lesson prevailed in most of my decisions and the fact that we were not buying expensive, flashy cars and living the typical “rich life” made the business evolve and that was one of the key factors of the huge success of the operation. 

Later in life, I learned that cars, toys and all the luxuries of the “high life” takes a lot of time out of my day to day, either from my business or personally. This does not mean you should not have nice things but for the ones that do not have them, please take note, that when you have these things be ready to spend a lot of time dealing with boats, supercars. They will drain your bank account and finances but most importantly, your time.

The reason why I keep mentioning how important it is to not grab unwanted attention is that the more you grab it, the more your private life becomes exposed. Or even you become of interest. Journalists will write about the Gian Paolo Aliatis persona, television hosts will talk about it, videos will be created and most likely, the truth will be twisted into a narrative that is more entertaining for the masses. Imagine having so much attention on you that you might have to explain to the public why you divorced your wife or what happened at a court hearing or what sickness you child is dealing with. All those things can be public information simply because of the fact that you rose to the spot light. It will be a constant reminder to you and to everyone watching you of the things you said and the decisions you made even if you are not proud of them. 

Amongst other things, I wanted this article to be a continuation of the Lifestyle Club story where we made the biggest office in the flatshare industry in London. I was so exhumed in the business that I forgot that many people hate success. 

This reminds me of the words in one of my favourite songs, it is not in English, but it says that you should be transparent and by being transparent you can walk through fire and you will not be touched. If people cannot see you they cannot hate you, you do not even exist for them so you can keep doing things your way without their thoughts and opinions. Sounds ideal? 

It is a constant internal battle within yourself in terms of how much attention you want to grab and how much attention you are willing to accept and handle. The older and wiser you get the more you realise that less attention is better. The mature version of Paolo Aliatis understands that everyone wants to live happily and choose what they wish to share and show off and which things are better kept private. This is your power and you should use your power to better your life. The lesson in all of this? Do not bring unwanted attention to yourself.