Unwanted Attention Part 2

Years down the line, that lesson prevailed in most of my decisions: do not buy expensive flashy cars and live the typical “rich life”. I learned that living the “high life” takes a lot of time out of my day-to-day, either from my business or personally. While it's not wrong to have nice things, it's important to understand that owning these things requires a significant investment of time and resources. Material possessions will drain your bank account and finances, but most importantly, your time. The conscious decision to live a simple life largely contributed to the growth of my business and the ultimate success of my operation.

I keep emphasising the importance of avoiding unwanted attention, because the more attention you attract, the more your private life becomes exposed. Journalists will write about you, TV hosts will talk about you, and videos will be created about you. Your life becomes a constant public spectacle, and the truth can often be twisted to entertain the masses. Imagine having to explain to the public why you divorced your spouse, the outcome of a court hearing, or the health issues of your child. All of this information can be made public simply because you have been thrust into the spotlight. It's a constant reminder of the decisions you have made, and it can be a heavy burden to carry.

But for now, I want to continue the story of our successful flatshare business in our large London office. As I delved into the world of entrepreneurship, I forgot that many people resent success. The more successful you are, the more people may envy or dislike you, which can lead to unwanted attention.

I was reminded of a song I love. It is not in English, but translated, the song says: "be transparent, and you can walk through fire without being touched." When people can't see you, they can't hate you, and you can continue doing things your way without worrying about their thoughts and opinions. However, it's a constant internal battle to determine how much attention you want to attract and how much you're willing to handle. As I've grown older and wiser, I've come to realize that less attention is better. The mature version of myself understands that everyone deserves to live a happy life and choose what they wish to share with the world.

The lesson in all of this? Do not attract unwanted attention. You have the power to control what you show to the world - use this power to improve your life. Remember, what you keep private is yours alone, so be mindful of what you share.


Gian Paolo Aliatis